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Yedikule Holy Savior Armenian Hospital Foundation: A Legacy of Healing
A Journey Through Time and Excellence Founded in 1832 by the visionary Kazaz Artin Amira Bezciyan, the Yedikule Holy Savior Armenian Hospital Foundation has woven a tapestry of compassion and healing for nearly two centuries. Let’s explore its remarkable history:
  1. Inception and Purpose
   – Sultan Mahmut II’s foresight birthed this sanctuary of care, recognizing the urgent need for medical intervention.    – Initially focused on mental and chest diseases, the hospital swiftly expanded its embrace to heal diverse ailments.
  1. Challenges Over Time
   – **Epidemics**, **devastating fires**, and **earthquakes**—each a test of Istanbul’s resilience.    – Amidst **two world wars**, shifting regimes, and redrawn maps, Yedikule Holy Savior Armenian Hospital stood unwavering.
  1. Pioneering Medical Milestones
   – Witnessed the dawn of penicillin, the miraculous advent of antibiotics, and the mesmerizing gaze of X-rays.    – DNA research unfolded within these walls, bridging science and compassion.    – The hospital’s commitment to excellence mirrored the hospitality of a 5-star hotel.
  1. Today and Tomorrow
   – 2023 finds Yedikule Holy Savior Armenian Hospital Foundation pulsating with vitality.    – Cutting-edge technology, compassionate staff, and a patient-centered approach define its legacy.    – From dental implants that restore confidence to the artistry of aesthetic dentistry, lives transform here. Collaborating at the Frontier of Knowledge    – The hospital proudly engages in research collaborations with esteemed institutions.    – Recent studies span topics from genomic medicine to telemedicine innovations.    – Together, the hospital unravels mysteries, elevates care, and shapes the future of healing. Welcome to a Healing Odyssey Step across our threshold, where tradition joins hands with innovation, and where the legacy of healing knows no bounds.


  1. Dr. Ogün has been practicing dentistry in Istanbul for 18 years. He has worked not only in hospitals in Turkey, but also in Cad Sido as a volunteer dentist, which has made him internationally known. His highly qualified training, as well as his many years of experience, allow Dr. Ogün to provide his patients with a special level of knowledge and understanding, as well as a patient-centered approach. Dr. Ogün graduated from Hacettepe University, where he received his doctorate in dentistry in 2004. He practices as a dentist in all fields in different dental clinics in Turkey. Thanks to his extensive experience in this field, he is now considered a specialist dentist.
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