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Terms and Conditions

This document is between Mr/Mrs , hereafter referred to as **the patient**, and Care 360 Plus Limited represented by the brand name Care360+, hereafter referred to as **the agency**.

  • The agency will arrange the following for the patient:
    • The treatment(s) specified in the proposal submitted by the agency after a consultation with a qualified doctor from a clinic or a hospital.
    • Hotel stay (only breakfast is included – other meals are not included unless specified).
    • The transportation costs (airport transfers, clinic, or hospital visits only). Sightseeing and other touristic visits can be arranged for the patient at additional charges as per tariff in Istanbul.
    • Other services as mentioned in the proposal and agreed with the patient before the trip.
  • The patient will undergo the treatment(s) specified in the proposal submitted by the agency after a consultation with a qualified doctor from a clinic or a hospital. The patient understands that the treatment(s) may involve surgical or non-surgical procedures that carry certain risks and complications, such as infection, bleeding, scarring, dissatisfaction with the results, or need for revision surgery.
  • The patient understands that after a physical examination and laboratory test results, the Doctor might suggest a change in the treatment plan for a better outcome and in the patient’s best health interests. This might change the total cost of the package and the agency will communicate the changes to the patient accordingly. The patient reserves the right to accept the changed treatment plan or opt to pay for the services availed (hotel, transportation, Doctor’s consultation, any laboratory tests). There will be no compulsion on the patient to undergo treatment that they are not comfortable with.
  • The agency will coordinate the treatment(s) with a clinic or a hospital and ensure that the treatment(s) are provided in accordance with the highest standards of medical care and ethics. The agency will also ensure that the clinic or the hospital uses qualified and experienced doctors, nurses, and staff who have the necessary licenses and certifications to perform the treatment(s). The agency will also ensure that the clinic or the hospital uses sterile and quality equipment, materials, and products for the treatment(s).
  • The patient will pay the total cost of the package as agreed with the agency before the start of their treatment. The package cost includes:
    • The cost of the treatment(s).
    • Hotel stay (breakfast included, other meals not included).
    • The transportation costs.
    • Other services arranged by the agency as specified in the quotation.
  • The package cost does not include any additional fees or expenses that may arise during or after the trip, such as:
    • Medication (antibiotics, painkillers are included including any other medication specified in the quotation).
    • Personal expenses.
  • The patient will follow the pre-operative and post-operative instructions given by the agency and the doctor from the clinic or the hospital. The patient will also inform the agency and the doctor of any medical conditions, allergies, medications, or supplements that they have or take before or during the trip.
  • The agency will provide a detailed aftercare program for the patient after the treatment(s). The aftercare program may include:
    • Follow-up consultations.
    • Check-ups.
    • Dressing changes.
    • Medication prescriptions.
    • Wound care instructions.
    • Recovery tips.
    • 24-hour support.
  • The agency will also provide a guarantee for the treatment(s) in case of any dissatisfaction or complication that requires revision surgery within a certain period of time as specified in the quotation.
  • The patient agrees to allow the agency to take before and after pictures of the patient for marketing purposes. The patient also agrees to permit the use of those pictures by the agencykeeping the anonymity of the patient.
  • The patient and the agency agree to respect each other’s privacy and confidentiality. They agree not to disclose or use any personal or medical information, photos, or videos of each other without consent, except as stated above.
  • The patient and the agency agree to resolve any disputes or complaints amicably and professionally. They agree to contact each other first if they have any concerns or issues. If they cannot reach a satisfactory resolution, they agree to contact an independent mediator or arbitrator for a final decision.
  • This document is governed by Turkish law. Any legal action or proceeding related to this document will be brought before a court in Istanbul, Turkey.
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