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Dr. Furkan

Dental Specialist
Brief info

Dr. Furkan is a dental specialist and naturopath who was born and raised in Istanbul. He completed his undergraduate education in dentistry at Marmara University and then pursued a specialty in prosthetic dentistry at Karadeniz Technical University, where he conducted his thesis study on the effects of tea tree oil on acrylic resin materials.
Following his specialty in dentistry, Dr. Furkan studied naturopathy at the New Eden School of Natural Health & Herbal Studies in the USA, where he conducted scientific research in complementary medicine, cancer, brain-gut relationship, and supplement use.
He later joined the Naturall food supplements company as an R&D consultant and developed the first active probiotic and antioxidant-containing toothpaste and oral hygiene products in Turkey under the Probident brand.
Currently, he is an R&D consultant at Greenorm Food and Consultancy Corporation and a member of IAOMT. He runs his own clinic in Istanbul, where he provides functional and aesthetic dentistry as well as Smart amalgam removal treatments.


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