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Dr. Selami C

Orthopedic, Traumatology, Orthopedic Oncology & Tumor Surgery
Brief info

Professor Dr. Selami is a renowned specialist in Orthopedics and traumatology surgery in Turkey, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Orthopedics Surgery. He has his own practice in Istanbul and operates in top hospitals like Acibadem & Medical Park Hospitals, equipped with latest technologies for Orthopedics and Skeleton System tumors.
Between 2012 and 2022 he was assigned as Research Scholar and Visiting Professor at Harvard University Massachusetts General Hospital Haris Orthopedic Laboratory. He is currently member of boarding director of TUYSAD Istanbul.

Specialist in:
Foot and Ankle Surgery
Orthopedic Oncology
Knee Calcification
Hip Calcification (Coxarthrosis)
Meniscus Tear
Knee pain
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear
Hip Fracture
Knee Ligament Injuries
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Joint Sprain
Kneecap Problems
Joint Injuries
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture
Hip Bone Problems
Ankle Injuries
Flat feet
Foot Pains
Sports Injuries
Hand and Wrist Diseases
Elbow Fracture
Elbow Dislocations
Tennis Elbow
Elbow Pain (Instability)
Child Elbow Fractures
Ewing sarcoma
Osteonecrosis/Avascular Necrosis (AVN)
Musculoskeletal Tumors
Bone Tumors
Orthopedic Tumors
Achilles tendon pain
Achilles Tendon Rupture
Lateral Epicondylitis
Calcific Tendinitis
Tendon Diseases & Injuries
Bone Cyst
Bone Inflammation
Baseball Finger
Bone Tuberculosis
Fiber Break
Hallux valgus
Chronic Synovitis
Stem cells

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