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Mr. Salim

Mr. Salim

Medical Consultant
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Meet Mr. Salim, our professional and reliable medical consultant
Mr. Salim is a skilled and reliable medical consultant with an IT and project management background. He has been working in the medical field for the past 8 years and has a wealth of experience in coordinating various successful surgeries for patients from UK, US and Europe. He can assist you with your gastric surgery, dental treatments, Hollywood smile, knee and hip replacements, hair transplants, Six-pack abs, Gynecomastia needs and provide you with accurate and confidential advice on your medical condition and treatment options. He can also connect you with the best surgeons, hospitals, insurance companies and other service providers to ensure a smooth and cost-effective medical journey. He is a project manager who can handle different stakeholders and a troubleshooter who can avoid any issues or complications. He is also adept in computer and data management skills and has a strong customer service orientation. Mr. Salim is dedicated to delivering quality and value to your welfare and health and making your medical tourism experience as hassle-free and rewarding as possible.

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