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Ms. Ayesha

Ms. Ayesha

Medical Consultant
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Meet Ms. Ayesha, our caring and compassionate medical consultant
Ms. Ayesha is a certified and experienced medical consultant who can guide you through your aesthetic surgery journey. She has been operating her own family practice clinic in Dallas for the past 7 years and has helped hundreds of patients achieve their desired outcomes and improve their quality of life through various aesthetic surgeries such as gastric sleeve, weight loss, rhinoplasty, mummy makeover, hollywood smile, knee replacement, hip replacement, dental treatments and more. She is knowledgeable and respectful of the industry regulations and standards and can offer you honest and confidential advice on your medical condition and treatment options. She can also assist you with finding the best surgeons, hospitals, insurance companies and other service providers to ensure a safe and affordable medical journey. She is a team player who can work well with different stakeholders and a problem-solver who can prevent any issues or complications. She is also skilled in computer and data management skills and has a strong customer service orientation. Ms. Ayesha is committed to taking care of your welfare and health and making your medical tourism experience as comfortable and satisfying as possible. She creates a long term relationship and bond with the patients she deals with and ensures they are following up the instructions for post-surgery care so that they derive maximum benefit from the surgery they’ve undergone.

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