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How Habib Shaikh Turned His Life Around with Care360Plus


Habib Shaikh is a 50-year-old citizen of the UK who was suffering from morbid obesity and its related complications. He weighed 148 kg (about 326.28 lb) and had diabetes, hypertension, and a history of three heart bypass surgeries. He had tried various diets and exercise regimes, but nothing seemed to work for him. He was frustrated, depressed, and hopeless about his condition.

That is when he came across us, Care360Plus, a medical tourism entity based in Istanbul, Turkey, that offers a wide range of services and packages to meet the health and travel needs of its clients. He contacted us and learned about the Gastric Sleeve surgery, a minimally invasive procedure that reduces the size of the stomach and helps the patient lose weight and improve their health. He decided to try it and booked his surgery with us, Care360Plus.

He arrived in Istanbul and was greeted by the friendly and professional staff of Care360Plus, who took care of his accommodation, transportation, and paperwork. He was admitted to one of the best hospitals in the city, where he met his surgeon and his medical team. They explained to him the details of the surgery and the post-operative care. He felt reassured and confident about his decision.

The surgery went smoothly and successfully. He was able to recover and move around within four hours of his surgery and was discharged from the hospital after two days as soon as he was able to walk around normally. He was amazed by the quality and efficiency of the service he received. He stayed in Istanbul for a week and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city, while his family enjoyed the delicious and healthy Turkish cuisine. He also received regular follow-up and guidance from the Care360Plus staff, who made sure he was comfortable and satisfied.

After being discharged, he returned to the UK and continued his post-surgery care and diet. He followed the instructions and advice of his surgeon and his nutritionist, who were in constant contact with him through phone and email. He also joined a support group of other patients who had undergone the same surgery, where he shared his experiences and challenges and received encouragement and motivation.

Within six months, he had lost 70% of his excess weight, his diabetes and hypertension came under control and were in lower degrees than pre-surgery. He felt a dramatic change in his physical and mental health. He was able to move around and live a healthier and more active life. He was happier, more confident, and more optimistic about his future. He had achieved his goal of turning his life around with the help of Care360Plus.

He is now one of the many success stories of our patients who have undergone medical tourism with Care360Plus. He is grateful to them for their excellent service, support, and care. He recommends them to anyone who is looking for a safe, affordable, and effective solution for their health problems. He says that Care360Plus is not just a medical tourism agency, but a life-changing partner.If you are interested in learning more about Care360Plus and the services and packages they offer, please visit our website at or contact us at or WhatsApp. We will be happy to assist you and answer your questions. You can also read more testimonials and reviews from our satisfied clients on our website and social media pages. Do not wait any longer, take the first step towards a better and healthier life with Care360Plus today!

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